Expedition to "Lauredale": Part 3

For our final days in Florida, Frank sets out with me to Universal Orlando! We've got a ton of pictures to show you.

Frank 118-1

Here's Diagon Alley.

Frank 118-2-3

This is Krustyland (RIP Back to the Future ride).

Frank 118-3-2

"Heeeeey, doesn't Benny have this?"

Frank 118-4


Hogwarts Express (Frank noted how this was turned into a set)

Frank 118-6-1

Frank poses behind... something. (The background does not look good, but Frank looks good!)

Frank 118-8

Frank takes a picture surfing (See him?)

Frank 118-7-2

And finally, here's the grand shot of the iconic Universal logo.


Next time, we shall tell of our departure from Florida. [Or Lauredale].

Expedition to "Lauredale": Part 2

[Frank, Dimples, Sidney, Benny the 1st... or 3rd..., Blake, Moo, Paul, and Peter have all landed at the barely explored planet of Lauredale. What happens next?]

See the last post for what all the text in [] means.

[An hour later.]

A couple of good minutes later.

Frank 114-1-2

It's not a selfie.


[Soon after.]

A couple of hours later.

Frank 115-2

Dimples is still way to excited to be here. Probably.


[Many hours later.]

A couple of hours later.

Frank 115-1-1

[Moo, with Frank, inspects one body of water found on the planet. They find that this certain water is filled with a dangerous substance that can harm features of clothing and body.]

Moo, with Frank, inspects the pool.


[Four days later.]

Four days later.

Frank 115-3

[While back on their spaceship, Frank gives Peter some lessons in photography.]

While traveling, Frank gives Peter some lessons in photography - even if it's focusing on the road...


Next time, Frank will visit Universal! Stay tuned for Monday!

Expedition to "Lauredale": Part 1

Text in [] narrates the astronauts' adventures. Text in () is background of both my world and theirs.


[Lauredale is a whole new step in the Classic Space program, the biggest thing to happen since the colonization of Pandora . Although there were few signs of vegetation, there were many, many bodies of water. An expedition was planned some time ago, around 2050, but it failed due to malfunctioning craft. 150 years later, science has much improved. An expedition was planned from April 5 to April 11.

This chronicles just that: the first expedition to Lauredale.]

(Only Frank really knows that there are two dimensions: his world, the LEGO world, and our world. Benny kind of knows, but he doesn't care, and Frank has attempted to tell Dimples, but that went unsuccessfully.)

This actually tells of my trip to Florida. This post is the first part: actually getting there.

[April 5, 2200. Early Morning.]

April 5, 2015. 7:50-8:00 EST.

Frank 113-1-2


[Frank inspects the spaceship they are riding in one last time before boarding.]


Close enough to a spaceship.


[Soon after.]

Soon after.

[Frank and his crewmates have boarded the spaceship and are preparing for liftoff.]

Frank and friends have boarded the airplane!


 [Some hours later.]

30-ish minutes later.

[Observing the view of a nearby planet.]

Look at how cool the earth looks from above...


[More hours later.]

An hour later, probably.

Frank 113-4

["We're on a SPACESHIP!!!"]

"We're not on a SPACESHIP but it's close enough!"

Frank 113-5

[Dimples waits. Patiently.]

Dimples waits. Patiently.


[An hour later.]

Sometime soon after.


[A successful landing is reported.]

We have landed successfully!

Almost Time for Liftoff

The astronauts have just finished preparing for flying to Lauredale (The supposed planet that they are going to)! We will be taking off tomorrow. I may post some pictures either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Frank 111

(But just so you know, I'm not actually taking the big white ship to Florida. There would be many problems with that. However, I am taking the eight guys discussed in the previous post, along with two vehicles)

Getting Ready for Exploration

(This is not anything to do with April Fools. I don't like April Fools pranks upon myself.)

On Sunday, I shall be leaving for Florida, and I will take some of my astronaut guys with me! (Frank, Dimples, Sidney, Benny the 1st or 3rd (not sure which one it is), Paul (I did a post on him), Blake, Moo, and Peter the Blacktron Photographer) I plan to take pictures there.

Here are the astronauts getting ready already in the background!

Frank 108-1

Dimples is probably way too excited.

Frank 108-2

New Yes City: Update 1

I have decided to start talking about my little city going on. Currently, a fine amount of my pictures have been based in it (Some have not been published yet). I'd like to share some updates about the city. Since this is the first one, I'll show the history of the city.


Here's how it looked on February 17:

New Yes City - Feburary 17, 2015


Looks nice. Have not received the Polaris I Space Lab.

February 22:

New Yes City - February 22, 2015


I've added the train track to the side of the city. I wish I could have a monorail, but they seem so expensive. Which makes sense. Other minor things have been done.

March 19:

New Yes City - March 19, 2015 (Cropped)


Ah, here we go! Big changes. Besides the Polaris-I Space Lab to the left, I expanded the colonized part completely. A lake now sits with an orange observation tower. A basketball court has been added. That blue building. A clock.

And here's how it looks as of now:

New Yes City - March 23, 2015

The biggest thing I've done since the 19th is moving the large light gray baseplates to near the Polaris Space Lab. I wasn't using them in the large base I have, so I moved them to place things in "unexplored land". The "Airport" section (with the light gray roads and all the spaceships) best marks the section between colonized city and exploration/spaceship city.

Speaking of the Polaris-I Space Lab, I did extensive work to it. Here's how it looked before:

Frank 94-2-1

Many parts are faded or missing.

And then here it is today:

Frank 102-1

These are the same parts (except for the new ones). It looks much nicer now, doesn't it? I could still clean up the baseplate, but I just have not yet. Additionally, I have received parts that were missing from the set.

If you have any questions, or want to know more, ETC, let me know! Thanks for checking out!


Frank 95

This is the story of a blue Classic Space astronaut named Paul.

Once upon a time, Paul was normal. He was also bored, normally. Blue Suits worked in the Technician and Engineering field. That was not his field.

In New Yes City, located on the planet Yes, there is a space train. Space trains, when propelled to 88 miles (like Back to the Future), can open a hole in space (like Doctor Who) to travel quickly to the other side of the planet.

One day, Paul was working near where the space train accelerated to 88 miles. Paul knew about how the space train opened a space hole, and had a curiosity to go in the hole. When the space hole was opened, when no one was looking, Paul jumped in.

From there, Paul's body became part of the space hole. He now has the ability to teleport anywhere in space, or hang out on the space hole.

The Red Crew

Welp... No school for me.

So I tried to take a picture of the Red Crew, but it really didn't work.
Frank 88-1

Instead, the Red Crew decided to take a brighter picture together!
Frank 88-2

In the middle is our favorite Frank. To the right are the others ones I had back in the olden days of Frank posts (Series 1). Fred is the one to the far right. I don't know who is the one to the right, so let's just call him Mr. E for now.

The ones to the left are the ones I recently received at a convention. Frank Jr. is the one directly to the left of Frank. Frank Jr. because he looks an awful lot like Frank... The one to the far left is Pepper. 

The Monster

It is The Monster, the strange creature coming from The Future and The Back, with intentions of The Evil and controlled by The One, to summon The Thes.

Teaser coming on Thursday. 

























































Or did it?

Building a Better Future

Today, the astronauts have decided to do something that has never been done before - build a base!

According to Frank, the astronauts have complained about the inconvient way to get oxygen. For soem reason whatsoever, this inspired Frank to build a base where their could be loads of oxygen. Everyone else didn't complain - plans went straight into work. 

Late 4th of July (but not late for the weekend)

Okay, okay! Yea, I was late by a day to tell the "schedule" thing. Well, here it is for those interested:


I will do a post every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday will be Special Sunday (Special stuff) and Thursday might be Throwback Thursday.

Also, here's a special picture because you're special and it's Special Sunday! :3

(P.S.: I was asked to put the names of the astronauts shown on top. From left to right: Fred, Carol, Zach)

What's been going on

So I will admit I haven't been spending a lot of time on Where Is Frank. Usually, I load up the image, type a quick blurb, post it, add some hashtags to it on Google+, and there. You get your average Where Is Frank post.

I don't even know if people read my posts.

But there's still hope. And it begins with a 6.

Recently (as if you haven't noticed), I've got two Classic Space sets,  6842 and 6927. These two have inspried me to do the pictures like above. And I've took a ton.

So I'll post a little more now! Stay tuned!